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Fumee - Blow torches.

Fumee - Blow torches.

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Fumee offers a variety of durable and powerful blow torches selection. 

The high pressure air control technology makes them windproof and safe, thanks to the lock feature and the stability base.


The plastic materials allows you to see through to check the gas, it also provides a recharging feature, which means it is refillable with butane.
The outlet is made out of ceramic and copper, which makes it incredibly durable.

Shipping & Returns

Fumee is proudly able to ship packages within 2-5 business days.


Refunds are admitted if the product was already defected when arrived. View our FAQ page for more info.

30 days money back or new product guaranteed.


Weight: 90g
Capacity: 20ml

Instructions of use

When used with Fumee, you have simply to fill the combustion chamber, turn it on and then ignite the wood chips with the blow torch.

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